One highlight of our Summer of Frenzy was getting to see the Colossal Colon during a family visit to Denver.

(2006 note: The Colossal Colon is still touring! Check it out if you get a chance. Just to the website highlighted above for dates and places!)

The display was set up in a tent in a mall parking lot. Denver was having a heat wave, but the volunteers were dealing bravely with adhesives not holding and similar difficulties. This is the entrance to the tent.

Grandson Zach standing in front of one of the occasionally collapsing posters.

Posing for one of our most unusual family pics ever: my boy Mike (standing), Brookie Brooktrout, a family friend (far left), and the grands, Marisa, Morrissey and Zach.

Lovely spokesmodel Marisa as Tour Guide

"I concur, Dr. Zach. An excellent public health outreach venue."

Colonoscopy demo by Susan the Neon Nurse. If you look closely at the display screen, you can see Daughter Damaris womaning the camera, because I am pointing the business end of the scope her way. That little thing had amazing resolution! Note: Damaris, always a monument to propriety (these days) did not snap any pics of me putting the scope up my nose, or take advantage of other even less tasteful photo ops I gave her.
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