A few pictures I took February 17, 2004 at Camp Amache, aka the Granada Relocation Center.

The entrance gate is currently blocked off by a chain across the road, but there is a sign that invites passers-by to drive into Granada and ask for a key at the Town Hall or the Stop N Shop. Very typical of our area!

This picture didn't come out well in the light conditions at the time, but it gives you an idea of what you are seeing.

We didn't go very far in on foot. Most of what you see along the road from the front gate are the concrete slab foundations. There are signs labeling where some of the former main buildings stood.

During the not quite four years the camp existed, the people planted trees. You can still make out the neat rows. But without anyone to care for them in our harsh semi-arid land, the survivors are stunted relics among many fallen.

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