I talk about going to auctions all the time, but probably most people either picture the kind of auctions they attend in their areas--or the kind you see on TV. So I thought I would do a little photo essay about the ones they put on around here.

If you want to bid, you need an auction number. You get that from the little trailer where they will be keeping track of all the bid sheets...and will later graciously take your payment.

All the chairs which are to be sold get well tested beforehand.

There are usually one or two flatbed trailers at an auction, covered with boxes of items, usually the sorts of things people might want to get a close look at. Like boxes of BOOKS! Also the glassware and knick-knacks that could get busted up if someone tripped over them on the ground.

It's not just an auction, it's a chance to get together and chat. The tall fella in the white shirt looking at the camera is Jim Civis. It's his auction company holding the sale today. The first auction Caro and I ever went to was a Civis auction. Guess it "took".

Accidental art.

I have to admit, one of the things about auctions that draws you in is...it's a chance to peek at other people's Stuff. In a socially appropriate way.

The flatbed trailers can't hold everything, so lots of stuff is just laid out in rows. It can be a challenge to find a spot in the crowd near by that one box you're interested in, where you can be seen by the auctioneer or his helpers when you bid.

Another fun thing about auctions is plain old people watching! (The wheelchair was for sale--another example of "pre-testing" the seating.)

Even in Lamar, we have purse dogs!

You have to come early to an auction to get to park anywhere near the action!

Once the stuff on the flatbeds has been sold, and taken away by the new owners, there's a whole new row of seating! In this picture you can see one of the speakers the auctioneers use so everyone can hear what's going on.

Young entrepeneurs selling water, pop and snacks to the appreciative crowd. (It was still 103 at 4:30 pm!)

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