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No pressure or anything, but this is my page of money-spending opportunities. I thought it was more pleasant to have them all on one page, rather than shoving a bunch of banners in your face on all my other pages.

PLEASE NOTE: I don't have any sites listed here that I haven't happily dealt with myself. I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't like and trust them!

First I will wave my arm invitingly in the manner of a TV spokesmodel towards my special baby, the Neon Hearts on-line bookstore. And remember, for each $10 you spend on Neon Hearts merchandise, you can pick out a Penny Bonus item from the Bin. Books, videos, CDs and a few odd little items looking for just the right person to delight in them. Check it out!

(Just click on the very attractive yet tasteful banner.)

If you click the button below, you can see everything I currently have listed on eBay. Lots of times it is CRAZY stuff you'll never see again! Go on, go check it out. Everything else will still be here when you get back.

Readerware is the program I use for keeping track of all my books. It's easy to use, and I've found it very reliable, but the BEST feature is the ISBN look-up. You type or scan in the number and it fills in the blanks for you. The TIME this saves you will pay back the purchase price ($40-$95) in short order!

FREE CueCat barcode readers now available!

You may not know it if you never saw me driving my truck, but I am a total sticker NUT! These guys have EVERYTHING! Not just the kind for vehicles either, but fun character ones as well, for little kids and big kids like us. Plus also buttons and magnets!

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I shop like a crazed thing at Amazon, too. We live so far away from malls that it's a real treat to have one here on my computer screen night and day! They are always having great sales and offers like Free Shipping, and they totally guarantee everything they sell. Lots of first time internet shoppers get their feet wet in the Amazon!

There now, that wasn't so bad, was it?