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Probably if you clicked on this link you already know what fanfic is. So feel free to move along to the links while I explain it to the innocent newcomers.

Basically, fanfic is FICtion written by a FAN of an already existing work--most often a TV show, but movies and books get their share too.

My own interest in this genre showed up at an early age. I can clearly remember telling my little sister bedtime stories after we were tucked in with the lights out. We had our own imaginary 101 Dalmatian Plantation when I was 5 and she was 3. In later years our adventures included being adopted by Superman, and going off to live with Jonny Quest and his non-traditional family when that great old show hit the airwaves.

Eventually we grew up enough to rate our own rooms, and my stories were then just for me. I didn't commit any to actual paper for a good long while, and those early efforts are (happily) mostly lost to the many moves of my wandering life. (I counted up once--49 times by age 25!)

The first one I actually put out for public view in a fanzine was done in 1977. Since then I have toyed with the characters of many different universes. Now, inspired by the miracle of web publishing, I've decided to try to slowly collect my life's work (and ongoing/future projects as time permits) in one handy-dandy web-omnibus!

Just FYI, the stories here are presented in sections, as many were originally sent out as email messages. All sections have links at the bottom to go forward or back within the story, or return to this page.

A second FYI--while I don't think I'm cranking out porn here, I do often explore mature themes. I'll promise to vividly mark any such sections, if my readers will promise to heed the warnings and not give me grief if they are shocked or educated beyond their tender years. Deal?

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Trial By Friendship

Two young Starservice officers from a warrior culture become friends, and more than friends. (I'll just place the notice about explicit male/male interaction here, okay? To make sure I'm not misleading anyone.) Finding a true friend can sometimes be hard, finding a life partner harder still. But keeping that relationship alive through the challenges of life can be nearly impossible.

The first outing for this was as a printed fanzine, set in my version of Trek's (TOS) Klingon Empire. This incarnation is the post-NextGen retrofit.


What happens when you finally get the thing you want most--but then come to realize you aren't worthy of it? The continuing story of Teiba and Ktas adjusting to civilian life in the s'ruessef clan. New complications in the mix of family business and daily living come with the accidental acquisition of a female Terran, supposedly a common sex slave, but one with a mysterious past. Poly and m/m relationships, nothing wildly explicit, but heavy on the angst.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Tea Party

Set in mid Season 4. Spike is mopey about being chipped. Willow is mopey about Oz leaving. On an otherwise ordinary and boring afternoon, they...cheer each other up. HUMOROUS BUT GRAPHIC CONTENT!!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

For There Is Much To Dare

It was written at a white-hot thundering fever pitch and was very possibly the first fanfic written about the show. A runaway starship lounge singer (OK, I know that sounds wacky) gets stranded on DS9. Odo, the shape-shifting chief of security, has every intention of transporting her home as an indigent alien--and even he can't figure out why he helps her get a job performing at Quark's instead. Well, we all know, don't we? If the Neon Nurse wrote it, file it under Strange Romance!

X-Men (Marvelverse)

The Annotated Neon Hearts

This lengthy fic is probably what I am best known for on the net at this time. Be warned, it is a work in progress, and I am near what I hope is the end of a long hiatus. But...40 chapters so far, and not nearly complete!

The story itself is, at center, a romance between two people with very different but equally strong reasons to be rather gun-shy about love. One is Hank (Beast) McCoy of the X-men, the other a semi-shy pro romance writer named Cassie. Trying to meld their radically different worlds would be enough of a challenge, but fitting it into the everyday insanity of a superhero team's lifestyle as well.... A CBFFA Hall of Fame Award winner.

Signs That Might Be Omens

A stand-alone, complete short story set in my NeonHearts-verse, featuring McCoy, the evil version of the X-men's Beast from Marvel's Age of Apocalypse. What should have been an ordinary 'experiment' turns complicated--and it's only the beginning!

Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down

Another McCoy story, short and complete. This one shows how Fatale, (canon character, one of his minions) tries to help when he starts to spiral too far into psychosis.

Subreality Cafe Stories

I think we've all visited some version of the Subreality Cafe, where characters, Writers and all sorts of other odd folk hang out when they aren't "on stage" (or maybe I mean "on page"). This version, created by Kielle for comics fictives, spawned tons of stories. Here are a few from me.

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Fan

The Neon Nurse sneaks into the Cafe on a mission of mercy, to give aid and comfort to and a good explanation for that most disdained of stock characters, Mary Sue! No deep background in any specific fandom needed, although there are a few in-jokes.

As Long As There's Light From A Neon Moon

This one is pretty much for Neon Hearts readers. Not that you aren't allowed to read it if you aren't.... There's a Buffy bit at the beginning that is somewhat stand-alone.

(Accessing the) Rainbow Collection

Although it deals in part with a Subreality plot point, this one can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone. What's not to love about the biggest cross-time-and-space-and-all-alternate-realities library ever?

The Common People Stories

Another specialized fanfic type in the Marvel comics X-verse genre. The idea of these was that the writer tell a story about someone whose mutation did not make them a super-hero, just a regular person with at least one irregular characteristic.

Fondling Hatred

Someone created a Story Challenge called Faces of Hate, sort of a protest in prose. I came up with this, a story that asks--are some types of hatred justifiable? I got some very interesting letters....


Funny how sometimes some times come around again. Here's how one old anti-war horse answered the call.

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