Going down now. I think that cement walled tankish thing might have been a pond once, but there are rose bushes in it now.

This room in the middle of the tower has a lot of windows. It may be the one that was Mr. Gregory's study. I read that he used to go stand on the roof with a megaphone and shout invitations to visit at the cars driving by, based on their license plates and such. What a cool guy he must have been.

Mike had gotten a kitten that morning, which we had planned for, but I got a year old tom as well, which we hadn't. So he got to be in the carrier (down under the shady cottonwoods near our car) and someone carried Sandy nearly everywhere else we went.

By the way, along the right side you can see the stairs up to the second to last floor. The ones to the actual top are steeper than a stepladder! But the railings are really solid.

Here is a replica, in cement, of the highway going up Pike's Peak. It is about 5 feet tall and at least ten feet long! How they got it up there I can't even begin to guess!

They are suprisingly low on Denver Broncos memorabilia (maybe it sells out right away?), but I did see this one poster. (So there you go, Nigel! A virtual souvenir!)

Back on the ground floor again, I went exploring through the maze of old rooms. (I think I saw a sign saying there are 22 in all!) The original buildings were regular wooden ones, but over the years, Mr. Gregory rebuilt the walls, inside and out, with every single stone he could get his hands on, from all over the US. (I guess he must have trucked them in by railroad, since he worked for one. I don't know.)

The original roadway stop had a cafe, a motel, a gas station and, it looks like, a dance hall. (Woo hoo!) Signs say this is the original stage.

I don't know if these are the original animal heads.

I could have stayed here all day, and someday I hope to go and do exactly that. But we had places to get to, so I did a bit more rubber-necking around the outside.

There's that room with all the windows we were in earlier.

There is a shortwave radio antenna up on top of the tower. At some point in time the WT was a meeting place for a HAM radio club, but I don't know if it still is.

The outhouses and the old highway again.

Out in back. Old pumps under cedars.

Maybe the old entrance? Or a motel room? Very hobbitish looking, don't you think?

I couldn't figure this one out. It's flat on both sides, but with a door to a space in the middle, currently filled with (surprise) bottles and things.

I think this led to the cafe area. It's all so great--I want to cover our house with cement and rocks!!

This has been a good year for hollyhocks.

Rooftop robots.

My wish is to get to go back soon!
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