When my daughter Damaris and her family were still living here in Lamar, my twin grandgirlies signed up for third grade flag football, partly because they are very athletic and partly because their dad Nigel is a hard-core member of the Church of Elway. It took about half a practice for their coach to start calling them his secret weapons, and after the first game, other coaches were asking if they had any spare sisters, brothers, cousins....

Pre-game strategy and prep! Dad was, I believe, helping tuck in Morrissey's t-shirt just SO, to make it harder for opponents to get a visual target on her 'flag' (that red strip that can be pulled off the belt/harness). Big brother Zach was helping Marisa get ready.

Here's my son Mike tickling Zach's feet while they wait for the game to start.

Kick-off time!

Damaris cheering the team, with the girls on whatever they call that break when they are giving other kids their fair turn. Look at those three profiles--cookie cutters much?

Marisa keeping an eye on the ball from the backfield.

The girls getting a word from their coach. Nigel, by the way, was tickled to pieces that the girls got slotted to the BRONCOS team.

This kid just ran smack into a brick wall named Marisa!

She's baaad and she KNOWS it!

Mike and Zach helping out by holding the down marker.

I'm on it!

Proud mom and dad. Note the camera--the apple don't fall far from the tree, eh?

Here's a shot with both girls playing. Morrissey was just as active as Ris, but I think her being assigned the spot a little further away from the side I was on is why fewer of the shots of her turned out well.

Zach up on his toes, cheering his sisters on!

Both girlies in hot pursuit!

I had to include this shot because it's just so Lamar. The guy hauling hay pulled over to watch the game for a bit!

We might not have won the game, but it was such a beautiful day and so much fun, we didn't care!
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