Harry and the Potters Power of Love Tour - Summer 2006

Denver Public Library, August 5th
Also starring Draco and the Malfoys!
(A photo essay by Susan (the Neon Nurse) Crites)
A lot has been written about the Harry Potter phenomenon -- but media coverage mainly focuses on the books and movies. I think the creative aspects -- what individual people write, draw, make or otherwise invent on their own -- is even more interesting.

The band, Harry and the Potters, was started by two brothers, Joe and Paul DeGeorge. They wrote songs that Harry Potter might have written about his experiences, had he been musically inclined and also not busy continually saving Hogwarts, Ginny, Sirius Black, hippogriffs and so many others. When Joe and Paul recorded the songs and made them available on the internet, it kicked off a movement. Other kids started forming bands, making songs, and sharing them world-wide. It was a creativity tsunami!

In 2004, Harry and the Potters decided to take a summer off and go on tour across the country, rocking out in libraries, for free! It was such a popular move that they repeated the tours in 2005 and 2006. Which brings me to the start of this photo essay.

The Denver Public Library concert was originally planned to be held out on the lawn, because so many venues have been selling out or filling up to legal capacity. Denver was looking at rain that afternoon, though, so they set up inside instead. The hat in this picture belongs to the librarian who did the announcements and introductions, whose name I forgot to acquire. (Sorry!)

Quite a crowd turned up...over 300 by my estimate! Quite a few were long time HatP fans who had been to their concerts before.

This year, Harry and the Potters have an opening band, Draco and the Malfoys, another brother act. As you might expect, they follow the Dark Lord Voldemort, who they consider to be "freakin' awesome". I personally enjoy the satirical humor of songs like "My Dad is Rich (And Your Dad is Dead)"...but you know how I am. The songs' content can be a little shocking to the young and/or innocent, but it's all in fun.

Lucky for the Malfoys, Saturday's crowd tended towards the evil side. WAY more evil than Salt Lake City!

This is Joe (Harry, Year 4) watching the Malfoys. The act features heckling banter between the two bands, but (don't tell anyone I told you this!) they are actually pals in real life!

Brad (Draco, Year 15) has hair.

Brian (Draco, Year 19)...not so much.

Trying to inspire a little Death-eater sing-a-long.

Here are some shots of Brian wielding his magic via guitar.

(Don't worry, the other guys have solo pics coming on later pages!)

The littlest fans were especially invited to be in front. The library provided earplugs for them and anyone who wanted some.

These little guys rocked out in the most adorable way in the world!

The concert photos continue on Page 2. Before you go, perhaps you can be amused by my mad Photoshop skillz!

Draco, Year 19. Still Evil.

Also possessed.

Attempting to Apparate the audience?

Page 2

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