With the crowd all warmed up -- VERY warmed up, with all that rocking -- it was time for Harry and the Potters! Here's Paul, aka Harry. Year 7, center stage.

The little fans are still rocking out!

Here's a sweetie petite-y wearing the library issued earplugs.

Paul playing to a very big, very full, room!

Look out! Draco, Year 15, has infiltrated the Harrys' band, disguised as Bill Weasley! Note how he has cleverly changed his tie from Slytherin green and silver to Gryffindor red and gold!

If I could bottle the energy these guys have, and sell it, I would be richer than Bill Gates.

Very hot...room.

Joe's saxophone is a relatively new addition to the band's sound. It was a good choice -- he's amazing on it!

Did I mention the room was getting hot?

Veeeerry hot.

Yep. Warmish.

This close-up is dedicated to all the dedicated Joe Fangirls. No need to thank me, I was young once myself.

Photoshopus Tweakialis!

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