These first few pictures aren't Lakeside, sorry. If you aren't interested in the new statue at the roadside park in Eads....
(it is dedicated to the old time women of the region, and I think it's very good!)

...or one pic from our stop at the museum in Limon....

...feel free to skim by. I won't mind.

When we checked in to our hotel (yes, the one where we found the infamous Thingie Under the Bed! See my blog for details, IF YOU DARE!), I was pleased when we got to our floor and saw how the numbers went. "Oh, good, a mountain view room!" I said.

Uh. Yeah.

But we didn't have time to hang about looking out the window! We had rides to get to! I hadn't been to Lakeside since the mid-60s, but Mike had seen the roller coaster from the highway, and we'd even looked up the history of the park online. He really, really wanted to go ride the Cyclone, so we decided to add it to our list of things to do on a weekend trip.

We ended up really glad we did. It was loads of fun, and VERY economically priced, especially compared to the Other Big Amusement Park in town. Still pretty, too.

Once we found a booth selling ride wristbands, Mike and I took the ferris wheel for a spin.

Here's part of the lake from up above, and if you know where it is, you can see I-70.

More of the park down below. I'm not sure what that windmill looking thing used to be....

Next thing Mike wanted to do was ride the train that circles the lake. It was a warmish day so Caro and I didn't mind waiting inside in the shade. Mike was a bit more impatient.

It came chuffing in at last.

We rode it several times...I don't remember on which trip I took this, but I suppose it doesn't matter.

Here's a view of the park from across the lake, taken from the train.

One of the engines no longer in use, relegated to the role of scenery.

Although there are some noteable exceptions, most of Lakeside is still very scenic.

The old ride signs are pretty cool, too.

In this case it's all sign and no ride.

Most of their rides are the good old classics that have stood the test of time.

Some of the decor goes back a LONG ways.

The Lakeside Tower is an old Denver landmark, and it still looks good!

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