As it started getting a little cloudy, some of the lights came on. I kept falling in love with all the vintage signage!

Lakeside is over 100 years old in the same location, and you can tell when you see some of the older parts, like this marble/deco/mirror combo in one of the food courts.

Sadly, some of the rides have been Temporarily Closed for years.

Here's the cool 50's sign for The Spider.

But you cannot ride the Spider, as it is closed for maintenance. Man, when they do maintenance, they go all out!

Here's the dock they used to offer various sorts of boat rides from.

Lonely little old lighthouse.

The Staride, another that now turns only in people's memories.

The Cyclone roller coaster was state of the art, back in the day.

Mike was determined to ride it, even though it meant riding by himself!

Deco detail from the fence around the ride's ramp.

Mike getting seated for his first solo roller coaster ride!

There he goes! That first, faintly yellow head is Mike!

I had to get this shot of the Neon Hearts!

Here's some cool kinda deco, kinda Mid-Century Modern neon!

Good night, Lakeside!

Dinner later. Yes, there is such a thing as too much fun.

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