Here are pics of some of the in-house wildlife I write about!

Mike's pride and joy is Lamar, the guinea pig we bought at a yard sale, who promptly presented us with a bonus the next day, her now not so little son Hufflepunk. (He started out as a -puff, but developed major attitude!)
A quick shot of some of the dogs: Cowboy, the Australian Cattle Dog, on the ramp, Appy, the Dalmatian/Border Collie, snuffing through the fence, and Buddy the Major Mix (Akita and ?) just staring.
Big ol' Duke (mentioned in "Capers"), old and wise.
Totally Insane Sheila, Chief of the Fun Police (Also an ACD, aka Blue Heelers)
Painty got to help me in the bookstore.... Nicky Jr got jealous and wanted a spot as well.
But Painty cheats by being smaller and fitting more places.
Whereas Nicky (aka Speedbump) barely fits anywhere!
Painty and Nicky Jr in a rare calm moment together
This is our oldest cat, Tiger Jenny. She's named after my niece Jenny, who is the world's biggest fan of tigers. Both of them are sweet but fierce as needed.