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The Amazing Mike now has his own page for pictures he has taken! Click on the camera to see HIS gallery!
Mike and Dreamcloud, the replacement for our dear departed Brownie.
Mike LOVES to collect (legally obtained) highway signs!
We all really like the log ride at Elitches! The girlies have had a little time to dry off in their shot, but Mike is fresh from the spin cycle!
Our oldest son, Ken(ny) Bolser, the day he and Melissa got married. Aww.
This pic shows you the kind of cool guy my son-in-law Nigel is. Mike got a K'Nex set for Christmas, and Nigel spent a WHOLE DAY putting it together so Mike could see it go!

This is a pretty old picture from a cheap camera, so the quality isn't so hot. But it's a cool family shot of 5 female generations. That's Louise LaLoge in the chair, with her mother Viola "Nanny" Weeks looking over at her. I have the middle spot on the floor as the middle generation. My daughter Damaris is next to her greatgrandmother, and they both are holding the twin girls, Marisa and Morrissey.
My youngest grandchild, Lexie, in her first Halloween costume. With both grandmas being nurses, do you think the poor kid has a chance at an non-medical career?

Here's an old one I found from the 1999 Colorado State Fair. I love Mike's expression here! That's Zach as tailgunner.

Here are the three Stieb grandkids in the Halloween (2000) outfits I made them. Zach is a Pokemon fanatic blessed with twin sisters willing to go along with his dream.

A "school photo" from the good old days (pre-CFS), about 1989. This is me and my son Sterling when we were both active in USTF/ITF tae kwon do.

Here's Lamar's Post Office, which is where I go to mail my eBay packages. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. (No, not because of me mailing packages there....) That's our old truck Brownie in front, the one Mike is standing in.

Home of the best postal workers in the WORLD!
Here are Mike, Marisa, Morrissey and Zach at the 1999 Colorado State Fair. Honest, I just happened to catch them in a tired moment--we actually all had fun!