Alex Carpenter / The Remus Lupins in concert!

Farr Regional Library, July 3rd, 2007

(A photo essay by Susan (the Neon Nurse) Crites)
I'm figuring if you have clicked on ths page, you know what wizard rock is all about already, and you are pretty much here for the pictures. So let's get going!

I must apologize up front for being a little shaky on the actual names attached to the actual band members who are not Alex. If someone wants to clue me in, I will be happy to update these pages!

Here's Alex Carpenter and his wind instruments. (With the typical brisk Eastern Plains breeze going, they were ALL wind instruments!)

A few candid shots of the band setting up.

The library's stand-up display almost blew away a couple of times. I thought it looked like Harry was checking to see if it had started raining yet.

This little garden nook was a wonderful choice for the concert. The hedge made a nice windbreak and the flowers made a lovely backdrop.

Free buttons and spinners donated by The Mystery Fan. (Yes, I know, but I'm sworn to secrecy.)

I heartily approve this slogan!

My son Mike helping a friend or relative of Trevor's pose for a pic. Hey, wouldn't Trevor and the Toads be a great wizband name?

Pre-show magic in the air!

Sure, magic! Those plastic things are called bubble WANDS for a reason, you know!

This was a genuine show for all ages, from the sweetie petite-y here to grandparental types!

Some serious cloud cover had rolled in by the time the show got underway.

It didn't stop the rock, though!
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