One of the oldest adventures at the Royal Gorge is the incline railway which takes you down to the bottom.

I had never ridden it before because the time I was here before, I didn't want to pay the extra charge. But this time it was included in our admission!

Mike elected to sit this one out and wait for me, though.

This is where you get on.

And this is what the two cars go up and down on.

One of the cars in action.

A natural vertical crack in the rock across from the man-made one the incline track runs in.

Looking out from the inside of the car.

A shot of the bridge from the viewing station down in the Gorge.

The viewing station at the bottom of the incline railway, from a smaller one nearby.

There were quite a few rafters taking advantage of the high water from the recent daily rains. Note the train tracks to the side. You can buy special tickets on the Royal Gorge train that include admission to the bridge and activities up above. You just get off the train, take the incline up, look around, then go back down to catch the next train and finish THAT ride.

I took THIS shot.... explain what you are seeing in THIS one.

Going up again, and another shot of the underside of the bridge.

Another from inside the car.

An interesting clock, and useful, too. It's easy to forget what day it is when you're on vacation!

One last train ride.

This one has funny signs punning on the tropes of famous Western sites.

The little diesel engine that used to pull the kiddies is on display.

And that's it! Thanks for joining us for a virtual vacation!
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